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Halloween is a time that certainly isn’t a crime

dressing up as ghouls and sometimes looking like fools

collecting candy is a treat and can never be too sweet

knocking around on peoples doors hoping that you may get some more

 eggs and toilet paper do the trick but aren’t so nice when your house looks sick

but when the moon comes out with out a doubt all the ghouls will scream and shout

jumping and leaping too finally be free until the sun comes up and there is no more party

with candy wrappers lining the room Halloween isn’t so fun with a dust pan and broom


Mr. Evil Cheese Scientist via Compfight

About me 2


This October I am taking part in the Student Blog Challenge 2015. As a part of this I am going to update you on my life in my About Me post number 2. As some of you may know I have a pony named Beans and a puppy named Freddy. I am 11 years old and am in year 6. I have gone to the same school for 9 years. I am extremely excited to go trick or treating on halloween with my friends. I am going as a scary doll, what are you dressing up as?. In the first week of December I am competing at the Equestrian Australasian National Championships 2015. Thats all I can tell you about my life.

From Kate


Jack the Jack Russell

Brian Roberts via Compfight                                                                                             

The Butter Jungle – Language Features Story

Whitney was a 22 year old scientist who tested foods. She worked in a lab with her clumsy friend Georgia. It was a sunny day, the sky was as blue as a glistening ocean. ” Go get some growth syrup Georgia,” called Whitney. Georgia ran as fast as she could, not noticing which bottle she was grabbing. “I’m back,” called Georgia as she poured the slimey sticky syrup onto some butter. Little did either of the girls know that Georgia had accidentally poured mutation syrup all over the butter. The next morning the girls awoke to otter chaos. There in front of them was a giant jungle entirely made out of butter. There were butter tigers and even fish. “GEORGIA!!!, screamed Whitney, you put mutation syrup on the butter.” Georgia seemed confused but inside she knew what she had done. Georgia and Whitney decided to explore the crazy idea of a butter jungle. The whole exhibit was a golden yellow with shimmering rivers and melty trees.The scientists were sad when they woke up one month later to find that the jungle had melted.  “This is the worst thing ever,” stated Georgia and three months later there was a jelly forest……….

My Avatar

My Avatar is a picture of my pony Beans and I winning at the Equestrian Australasia Nationals 2014.    I chose this avatar because 2014 was the year we bought Beans. Beans came home in the middle of the year so by the time Nationals came it was December and I had only had Beans for 6 months.             Beans is my first pony and I love him to bits. Together we won Reserve Champion Rider at Sydney Royal 2015 and have competed and traveled all over Australia.                                                                      Beans and I are very excited for our second show season together.


All About Me

All about me alphabet

Animals are amazing, Beans is my pony, I dislike cats, Disney is divine, I don’t like eBay, Freddy is my puppy

Google is great, I fed a Hippo in 2010, Ice cream makes me happy, I very much dislike Justin Bieber,

Kate is my name, When life gives you lemons say “I don’t want your lemons“, Mickey mouse lives in a clubhouse,

Two minute noodles are yummy, Octopi have eight legs, Pigs are pink, The Queen is from the UK,

Red means stop, Squirt is my virtual guinea pig, Turtles are green, Under the sea is jellyfish,

I used to play the violin,I love walruses, I have never had an x-ray, Yaks are hairy, Zebras are stripy.

DSCF0723.JPGCreative Commons License

Allen Ormond via Compfight

Using Compfight

Posting images on your blog isn’t as easy as going onto google and copying an image. Doing this is called copyright. Copyright is when you copy an image that isn’t yours without recognising the photographer or creator of the image. But don’t worry there is an easy way of getting fantastic images with out worrying about copyright.

Compfight is a plugin that you can access through EduBlogs. This plugin allows you to receive images that have already been referenced. All you need to do is go to your blog dashboard and click on the tab that says plugins. Click on the tab and it will take you to a page with all the different plugins. Press activate on the compfight plugin and the next time you need to post there will be a button at the top of the toolbar thats says compfight. Type in a keyword and your images will appear. Pick a size ( small medium large) and Make sure you don’t delete the reference.

I hope this is helpful to anyone who didn’t know how to get images on your blog.

Svalbard: sealskin in blue water   11.1804.33

Juergen Kurlvink via Compfight

My Mini Saga – Hercules and the deadly dragon

In a land far away lived an acorn named Hercules. He was very small due to the size of the tree he grew on. One day Hercules decided to go on an adventure even though he wasn’t allowed to. The small but brave acorn travelled through calamitous volcanic rock and underneath sticky soil. Hercules almost went through every land apart from the deadly dragon abyss. When he was done exploring he started his journey home until the deadly dragon woke up and as expected flew to the top of the mountain eventually swooping down and gobbling Hercules up. He was trapped, but rather than dying he grabbed his sword and sliced the dragon open using its wings to fly home. Little Hercules had made it back in one piece, ready to tell his mythical story again and again.

By Kate K